CAT 5e/6/7 is fantastic, but when you need to move data over 100m, space is at a premium, or the environment is too elecrically noisy, fibre is your way forward.
At A to B Networks we have a wealth of experience not only installing fibreoptic networks (we've linked many places - from outbuildings to warehouses, caravan parks and lamposts!), but we also operate our own fibreoptic broadband network.

Let us help you design and install your fibreoptic links.

Determine your link distance, bandwidth and other possible future requirements

Supply and install cabling, or instruct your own installers how to install cable

Fit connectors to each end of the link, join any split or branch runs

Using OTDR or loss measurement tools, we supply reports to ensure the installation will perform as planned

Using OTDR we can pinpoint problems with cables and fix them

We are able to offer an end-to end, full service, with company-owned splicers, trencher, impact mole and other plant.

Contact us to discuss your requirements today!


Fibreoptic patch panel with SC connectors

16 Core Singlemode OS2 loosetube cable
terminated onto SC/UPC pigtails

Fibreoptic patch panel with LC connectors

2 x 8 Core Multimode OM4 Tightbuffed cables
terminated onto LC/PC pigtails

Fibreoptic splitter module

32-Way PLC optical splitter module
terminated onto LC/PC pigtails

Fibreoptic underground joint

Underground distribution closure
Troubleshooting poor third-party installation

Fibreoptic wallbox

Wall mounted distribution box
Fibres spliced throgh or connectorised

Ditch Witch trenching machine

Ditch Witch chain trencher
Up to 800mm depth, 100mm wide

Fibre plough

Fibre plough
For long shallow installation of armoured cables

Turf removing machine

Turf cutter
For neat grass reinstatement after trench cut and backfilled

Relaid grass after trenching

Relaid turf
Neat grass reinstatement after trench cut and backfilled

Duct installed through an impact mole hole

Impact mole
For tunneling under paths and roadways