From a single phone extension socket or extra network point for a new desk, all the way up to a complete office wire-out, A to B Networks is ready to assist you at home, office, field or datacente with all of your data and telephony cabling requirements.

Network cabling
Computers / WiFi Accesspoints / Printers / Smart TVs / Point-of-Sale / Kiosks / Server cabinets

Telephony cabling
Extension sockets / Sockets moved / Broadband troubleshooting / Cables repaired

Freeview / Satellite / IPTV
Extra sockets / Sockets moved / Dishes & antennas installed / Problems solved

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CAT5e Network sockets in trunking

A pair of Twin CAT 5e network sockets
Surface mounted in trunking

CAT5e Network sockets on ceiling

Twin CAT 5e Socket mounted on a ceiling
for WiFi and A/V projector

WiFi Accesspoint network cabling

Network cable dirct into WiFi Accesspoint
Ruckus R300 Accesspoint

Patch panel cabling

Patch panel cabling
From server rack to multiple wallboxes at workstations

Bin fire caused cable damage

Fire in rubbish bin
Data and telephony cables repaired

Troubleshooting water damage

Troubleshooting water damage
Damage due to interior cable being used externally